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Telemarketing is the use of telephones and call centers to attract prospects, sell to the existing customer and provide service by taking orders and answers calls.

Telemarketing is the use of telephones and call centers to attract prospects, sell to the existing customer and provide service by taking orders and answers calls.
Telemarketing helps companies increase revenue, reduce selling costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
The Company uses call centers for inbound telemarketing-receiving calls from customers and outbound telemarketing- initiating calls to prospects and customers

Telemarketing In India

India accounts for over 40% of the global BPO market. Of the top 10 BPO destinations in the world, five are in Asia, with India's dominant share ensuring that nearly 26% of South Asia's exports come from services. Within services, the key segments are business process outsourcing and short- term migration.
The BPO industry in India doubled in size last year, to $6.3 billion, and is expected to clock 37% annual growth over the next five years. Large multinational companies have demonstrated their growing confidence in Call Center Outsourcing and in India as an outsourcing hub, by signing multi-million-dollar, long-term BPO contracts with trusted Indian outsourcing service providers.

Why use telemarketing?                                                                                      

  •         Telemarketing is cost-effective when compared to hiring sales people
  •         Reach out to customers across the world with telemarketing
  •         Easily market products/services to existing & potential customers
  •         Find out if customers are interested in your product/service right away

Telemarketing Cycle

Even before telemarketing team starts work on the project, a comprehensive step by step process is involved before the commencement of the project
1.The company will establish a comprehensive understanding of client product, service, and market positioning.
2. Agree on the specific product that is to be promoted throughout the sales campaign.
3. Identify the profile of target clients:
o    Industry Sector
o    Client by Employee Size
o    Client by Sales Turnover
o    SME or PLC Focus
4. Agree on the specific sales call objectives:
o    New Client Data Capture
o    Sales Lead Generation
o    New Client Appointment Setting
o    Finalize Objection Handling
5. Target Client Data
o    Establish Client Data Sources
6. Agree on Geographic Strategy
o    Local Market
o    National Market
o    Sales by County
7. Client to create draft telephone sales pitch geared to product launch and agreed call objectives.
8. It will be then re-model the draft sales pitch get final approval from the client.
9. Account Management: A project account manager is appointed.
10. Internal Training: Sales team complete 1-week internal training and sales pitch rehearsal.
11. Email Configuration: Email configuration form to be completed to set up client mail at the company
12. Marketing Material: Client to provide marketing material if required.
13. Sales Reporting:
o    Can be done through the web application like Sales now.
o    Disposition report to detail out the day's performance.
o    Call recordings if requested will be forwarded via FTP.
o    Weekly review for performance check.
14. Project Commences

Although the telemarketing has become the major direct marketing tool, its intrusive nature has led the government to stipulate restrictions on banks and  financial services companies regarding the use of telemarketing

Effective telemarketing depends on choosing the right telemarketers, trains them well and providing performance incentives.

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